The Grammys were kind of boring, but still slightly entertaining

Tiffany Thomas
4 min readApr 10, 2022

“I have never taken such a fast piss” — Doja Cat

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This year’s Grammys award show wasn’t the most exciting show I’ve ever seen. Although, I hate saying that due to their circumstances. The producers Ben Winston, Raj Kapoor, and Jesse Collin had to plan last minute. For one, the show came the week after the Oscars. So regardless, the Oscars continue to hog the media because of the Will Smith and Chris Rock updates. Also, Kayne West having his invitation taken away from him didn’t help, especially since he was nominated for five different categories. Then, due to the death of the legendary Taylor Hawkins, the rest of Foo Fighters canceled their scheduled performance. Lastly, the producers didn’t even know if BTS were capable of performing, because he they all tested positive right before the event.

Overall, the performances and music amused me. Nothing really amazed me, but it kept me entertained enough to not change the channel. I was happy with the artists, who made appearances and won. Even though Lil Nas X made a strange tweet about it, it kind of surprised me that he was nominated for 5 awards and didn’t win one of them. Especially for his “Industry Baby” song that he performed, because I hear that song in movies and commercials all the time. But I can’t emphasize enough how pleased I was that the award show didn’t make the ceremony about Taylor Swift, which they usually do. Anyway, I don’t have much to say about the event, but here’s a brief listicle on my random thoughts about it.

Bruno and Anderson Paak introduced the show in a funky and fun way. The Vegas themed performance brought so much excitement and I’m obsessed their song “777,” now.

Trevor Noah entered the show looking handsome and charming. His subtle Oscar slap joke addressed the elephant in the room, while still being innocently humorous about it. I think it would have been kind of uncool to not bring up the slap joke in general, but tacky if the joke was out of line. So Noah did it perfectly.

I don’t listen to Olivia Rodrigo’s music and assumed her performance would be cheesy. But her song, “Drivers License” sounded pretty catchy and the stage production for it matched the vibes to the song — a girl in love in a small town. The acoustic beat made the room so peaceful.

Bruno and Anderson Paak winning best song of the year made me so happy, because those two definitely deserve it. The song “Leave the Door Open” is an epic slow jam. What I love about the single is that it’s admired by all generations. Anderson Paak truly represented Silk Sonic with his bone straight hair look, which I didn’t love to be honest, but it was hilarious. Their producer, D’Mile went on stage with them and said a touching speech about his mother, who passed away about a week before the awards.

BTS gave a lively performance for their famous song, “Butter.” I remember years ago, I had no idea who these Korean-Pop sensations were and would think it was so funny seeing so many girls go crazy seeing them. Plus, boy band performances aren’t really my thing, but after seeing them a few times and this one, as a group, they’re not as corny as I thought. They have a cool presence to them that I wasn’t expecting. Also, V flirting with Olivia Rodrigo added a cute touch to the show.

When Billie Eilish and Finneas perform, it’s always incredible, because theres so much emotion and complexity to their music. Even though I’ve felt like I’ve seen them a lot of them already, I knew they would still be entertaining for the Grammys. The fact that Billie Eilish wore that Taylor Hawkins shirt was a dope way to show her appreciation and condolences. The song, “Happier than Ever” is another beautiful and deep hit of theirs.

Jon Batise is the only artist I didn’t know at the Grammys. But I’m glad I got to see him now. His song, “Freedom” gave off the same feeling I get when listening to Bruno and Anderson Paak’s music. The funk and high energy beats, can’t help but to make everyone dance. The bright colors shown in the performance, offered so much excitement and celebration for the rest of the show. I’m so glad he ended up winning an award for his album.

I’ve always been a Nas fan, so it was so satisfying to see a musical icon on stage. His elegant blue suit that matched with the stage, gave a classy and rich look. Also, the intro song being, “I can” offered an inspiring presence. His famous rap songs, with the jazz band in the background proved why he’s considered a hip-hop legend.

SZA and Doja Cat definitely deserved that Grammy, because the struggle to get on the stage was REAL. SZA looked absolutely stunning, while having to hop on stage with her crutches. Then Doja Cat sprinting on stage from the bathroom and stating, “I have never taken such a fast piss” was the highlight of the night!

Lastly, Philly native, Jazmine Sullivan taking home Best R&B album was another highlight of the night. She gave a very humble speech by emphasizing that the award is for her fans and hopes they take this moment to inspire themselves. Her authenticity and talent is why fans love her so much and I’m so happy she won that award.

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