Is It Inevitable to Hate Your job in Your 20s?

Finding a job seems extremely discouraging

Tiffany Thomas
3 min readFeb 20, 2021
Photo taken by Baptista Ime James on Unsplash

I’m 25 and stuck. To be honest, it’s just getting worse. Sometimes I feel I was dropped off in the middle of nowhere with no way home. Every year, it seems I’m further away from my destination.

I used to think I knew exactly what I wanted to do. By 8th grade, I had a motive — do incredible high school, do even better in college, all to work towards a success story.

I’ve done the MOST for the interviews of my “dream” jobs and didn’t limit myself to stay local. I’ve taken hours long rides on buses, trains, and Ubers to get to my possible future. There were times, I’d leave the house at least 3–4 hours before the interview to get there on time. Each time not turning out the way I wanted. A flood of rejection emails throughout the years delayed my plans.

After graduation, I worked multiple jobs — serving, law firm assisting, and before I was let go, special events managing. I’m 100 percent guilty of job jumping. Accepting positions for the moment; but end up completely miserable and seek other options. You could say my resume is a hot-mess, making it harder to find a job.

I’m unemployed, confused, trying to figure it all out. It’s inevitable to have self-doubt, discouragement, and comparing myself to others-syndrome. Everyone my age I’m surrounded by, have landed their jobs. It drives me crazy at times. Why can’t I get the same?

But at moments, I hear daily complaints, sunday blues, and emphasis on moving on in a year or two from the same people. I can’t help but to be convinced they’re not happy there.

Now, finding a job isn’t my only concern. Am I going to be miserable when I get there? I want to avoid the same feelings I had before.

My curiosity usually leads me to random Instagram polls. I like to think of them as a “poll for thought.” Anyway I do one. I ask my followers how they feel about their jobs, whether they: love what they do or just need the check.

After 24 hours, the final verdict comes in. Most voters are around my age (23–26). Out of 100 voters, 59 percent say they love what they do, which is pretty promising.

During the process, I get direct messages. A follower states, “I like what I do, however I don’t like the environment, the people, or my schedule and because of that I’m trying to find a better job.” Another one, says she works at a title company for the salary and health insurance, so she could do her real estate. She despises it there.

Even though most people vote they love what they’re doing, similar comments come through. Many of them comment “I love my job for right now.” So regardless, the plan is to leave in a short period of time.

I came to realization. Most people are in a spot for right now, which makes sense. This is an early stage of adulthood. So this is the starting point to where we want to be.

So if they’re in an environment they’re ready to leave soon, is a part of them confused too?

I’m in no position to be picky. I’m open-minded. I know I need to be somewhere that will open opportunities for me. I also need an income, so I don’t have much choice.

Of course my overthinking makes me question. Am I going to be excited to enter somewhere, I plan to leave in a year or two? Will I always have jobs I don’t plan to have for long?