How Changing My Room Helped My Depression

My inspiration all came from a painting.

Tiffany Thomas
3 min readMar 4, 2021
Photo taken by me of painting created by Maggie Stephenson

My rooms in the past, used to be hot messes. They were filled with the most random decorations, a mattress on the floor, and no color theme. On top of it, there were clothes everywhere. Sporadically, I’d put some thought into styling my rooms, but then neglect it.

A close friend from college once told me that “your room is a reflection of your current life situations.” I took in what she said, but chose not to do anything about it at the moment.

The past three years consisted of lack of inspiration, loss of hope, indecisiveness, writer’s block, and confusion. I would complain so much about it. But never did anything to change.

“My environment has always had a huge influence on my emotions. So I wondered if altering my bedroom could impact my mental health.” — Carleigh Reynolds

Reynolds demonstrates the importance of changing your room that best suits your interests and personality. After reading it, I realized, the impact of coming home to a neglected room is damaging.

I currently live in a beautiful apartment with my mom. We live on the 4th floor, wide windows, and a bright white new paint job. I have a bedroom that’s bound to look nice.

The first couple of months living here, I did what I normally do — put no thought into it. I ran away to my boyfriends, stayed at his place for days, and return to discomfort.

Finally, I did something about it. All because of a painting I bought.

I was at HomeGoods with my boyfriend. We were there for him, so I wasn’t really planning on getting anything. But I ran into a piece that kidnapped my eyes. A painting filled with warm and happy colors of pink, yellow, and orange, with calming blue and green. An elegant woman centers it — her brown skin glows as she’s drinking her bright mug that says “choose you.” I had to get it when I saw it. But putting it in an undone room just didn’t look right. So it was about time to give it a makeover.

Styling the room wasn’t going to be easy. I lacked experience. Plus, I didn’t think I had a favorite color. So, designing around the painting only made sense.

Boom, I’m inspired. I spent days deciding and searching for things to get for my room. The process became a fun, creative project. It felt great having something to work on. The journey became so distracting and therapeutic. The importance of it made me feel useful, for the first time in a while. The last time I had a project was when I was working a year ago.

I ordered pink and white rugs, white furniture, and a subtle grey bed frame. Then I went out and bought pink and teal blankets and pillow cases. To top it off, I got fake plants and flowers, and other pink & white trendy items to match . The room items are girly as hell, I know. Could you guess what I decided my favorite color is?

I’m fortunate I had the opportunity to do this. I was able to stay within my budget. I managed to still be frugal during my purchases. So I’m even happier, because I didn’t have to spend that much money.

The makeover is complete and I’ve never felt more comfortable to be in my room. My mornings feel hopeful and productive. I do all the things I want to do — pray and write in my journal.

I have been writing more than I’ve ever and I’ve been killing it in my job interviews.

I’m able to be inspired, because I’m in the room I want to be in. I wake up in my own skin. I’m surrounded by pretty things I picked out. My room is my own zone. A space where, I work on the woman I want to be.

Do you feel inspired in your room?